Preliminary phase: concept

Our Clients lifestyle is a major source of inspiration. Gaining an insight of the Client’s needs and a feel about his habits will provide us with precious information. Understanding how an environment, both indoor and outdoor, will be used is pivotal to the development of each project we are entrusted to design.

In early stages, the use of hand-drawn sketches is very important to convert a concept into a graphic representation and, for all the more reasons, fine tuning a mutual understanding between us and our Client. By doing so we catch the essence of our Client’s vision and expectations.

The Concept phase is completed with a General Arrangement plan.

Project development

Once the sketches are approved by the Client, we produce computer drawings. 3D renderings, general plans, layouts, woodwork style and construction details are then submitted to the Client’s approval. Concurrently, we prepare a selection of fabrics and materials.

On a further step we define upholstery details, loose furniture, lighting.

As we approach each project as a whole and we work in close collaboration with our Client, many times these phases overlap with one other.

Executive phase

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work being done.

Drawings of each space including layout, ceiling plan, longitudinal and transversal views are produced to integrate all technical information into the project. These drawings show dimensions, construction details, materials, finishes, grain and veins directions, etc. Alongside with 2D drawings, we produce 3D renderings of all environments which allow our Client to see and evaluate how they will look like once completed.

We have a library of woods, marbles, stones, fabrics to help our Client imagine how a certain environment will look like.

As we design custom furniture according to our Client’s request, we constantly source materials, finishes and fabrics as well as skilled craftsmen and manufacturers all over the world.

At all stages of the construction process we check with fastidious attention to detail that all drawings are understood, agreed and properly executed.

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