About Us


Cristiano Gatto

Yacht design is at the forefront of what I do but by virtue of my experience as a sculptor I approach each and every project as a sculpture, with the overall design in mind but refining it to the smallest detail”.

The creative heart of a close-knit group of young professionals, Cristiano is also the “front man” of Cristiano Gatto Design Team.

In 1992, after graduating at the School of Fine Arts in Venice, his specialization being Sculpture, Cristiano Gatto started studying the relationship between Industrial Design and Contemporary Art.

In 1993 he joined the famous design studio Nuvolari Lenard where he became Project Manager and head of the interior design department in 1996 and, subsequently, General Manager.

Alongside with his activity as a designer, Cristiano successfully cultivated his passion for sculpture with many of his statues in the finest Carrara marble exhibited in art galleries all over Europe.

By the end of 2001 he felt that the time was ripe to make a further step so he founded his own company, Cristiano Gatto Design based in Preganziol, close by Venice.

From that moment on, Cristiano Gatto made a name for himself and his reputation grew steadily thanks to his great creativity, knowledge, versatility and straightforward attitude.


Monica Trabucco

My skills are of artistic nature; I graduated at Art Institute of Venice (today known as Guggenheim High School) and soon after I had different work experiences as a restorer and then in a scenography studio.
At the age of 24 I started being involved in yacht design and since then it became part of my life.
Today my task is to materialize what begins as a thought, an idea, a project pented-up in our Client’s mind.
My mission is to convey this idea to life, see its birth, growth and bring it to completion… and only then I am ready to deliver it to whom it has been designed for.


Francesco Bortolato

After graduating from Liceo Scientifico of Treviso, I moved to Milan where I attended college of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano.  I got a degree in Industrial Design my graduation thesis being a method for tender disembarkation from Sun Deck on large yachts under the supervision of Arch. Massimo Musio Sale.

In the subsequent years, I worked with several shipyards among which Nm Yacht and Italia Yacht where I was entrusted to designed both interiors and exteriors of small and medium size sailing yachts.

Back to Treviso, I joyned Cristiano Gatto Design Team of which I lately became a partner. My main role into the group are stylist and project manager.


Silvia Trevisan

Everything began during junior high school where the technical drawing course made me discover the orthogonal projections… as I liked them and I realized I was good in technical drawing, an inevitable choice was attending the Istituto Tecnico per Geometri. Studying design – and getting a degree in Design – helped me adding smoothness and refinement to my hand drawing and thinking.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Cristiano allowed me to put into practice and further develop skill and ideas that had been growing for years.

Nowadays, inside the team my personal skills, that I nurture with commitment and enthusiasm, are at disposal of the whole squad as main project coordinator.


Cristina Buscema (in her husband’s – Cristiano Gatto – words)

She is and has always been a source of inspiration for me and my job’s critical soul. Thanks to her pragmatic, sensible and disenchanted approach she goes straight to the heart of a problem and, as her point of view and approach differ from mine, she helps me putting things into perspective.

Cristina encouraged and supported me ever since the inception of my career being a fulcrum for my thoughts and/or decisions.

She is able to retain clear mind and focus on the things that matter and by doing so she  has been indispensable for the development and management of our firm.

Cristina deals with all administrative issues allowing the rest of the team to dedicate all their energy and time to creative matters. Spending plenty of time with lawyers, suppliers, fiscal consultants, banks, she is able to see ‘us’ from outside as if she were an indipendent third party.

Her attidute is a priceless resource to me: when I do succeed in convincing her fully about a matter, I know I have good chances to convince my client!